Richard Lister

Linux devops with twenty years experience.

I deploy and monitor large, diverse application stacks.

I write software in ruby to make this fun and reliable.

Spree Commerce 2013–present

Devops lead for early-stage startup through to acquisition. Built immutable infrastructure from scratch, using docker and cloudformation to deploy ruby on rails to AWS.

Brewster 2012–2013

Devops for an application stack using ruby, rails, node, elasticsearch, cassandra, riak, redis, resque, nginx.

Fully-automated deployment using puppet, capistrano, git.

Monitored using statsd, graphite, ganglia, logstash.

To tie it all together I wrote dashiki, auger, and augweb.

Patch 2011–2012

Principal sysadmin for centos, rails, apache, mysql, mongodb, redis, resque, solr.

MapQuest 2009–2011

Senior sysadmin, architect of http/tcp/mysql component test system, application database integration tool, and distributed log processing system using perl and hadoop.

Aol Search 2005–2009

Senior sysadmin for apache/tomcat/sapi stack. System automation in perl.

Aol Member Services 2004–2005

System Administrator for automated telephony system, designed cross-platform (redhat/solaris/windows) application monitoring system that is still in use.

Georgetown University, Dept of Neuroscience 2001–2004

Research Assistant: Matlab simulation of visual cortical maps using the elastic net algorithm; high-dimensional models for map development (A Computational Model for the Development of Multiple Maps in Primary Visual Cortex, Cereb. Cortex 2005 15: 1222-1233).

System administrator: created Beowulf cluster for synthesis of cortical maps using genetic algorithms.

Georgetown University, Cognitive & Computational Science 1997–2000

System Administrator for multi-platform departmental network; software and programming support for image processing, 3D visualization, fMRI imaging.

Aston University, Neural Computing Research Group 1994–1997

System Administrator supporting research on Irix, Solaris.

Teacher, Computational Methods course for MSc in Pattern Analysis and Neural Networks.

Leipzig University, Institut für Informatik 1993–1994

Research Assistant on LADY project (learning methods for adaptation in dynamic fault-intolerant environments): fine control actions for geostationary satellite stabilization. Created C++ reinforcement-learning testbed to investigate parameter effects in Q-learning.

Stirling University, Cognitive & Computational Neuroscience 1992–1993

MSc Neural Computing. Thesis: Simulating a central pattern generator using a simplified neural model; modeling arbitrary small inhomogeneous networks of integrate-and-fire neurons to investigate the action of the CPG underlying swimming behaviour in the lamprey.

Pion Ltd 1991–1992

System Administrator, Fortune Unix and Informix DB for scientific publisher.

University of London 1987–1991

BSc Physics and Astrophysics. Thesis: Designing neural networks using an optoelectronic crossbar switch.